Vision and Ethos


Our ethos at Victoria Drive Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) is to support pupils with Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties (SEMHD) to feel safe, remove barriers to their successful engagement with school life, develop effective socialisation strategies through building relationships and to teach pupils how to emotionally regulate themselves. Pupils will develop personal strategies and resources to allow them to access the National Curriculum and develop a strong foundation knowledge in reading, writing and Number (Maths) to become lifelong learners. Through a Personal Social Health and Economic Education (PSHE) based curriculum we aim to support pupils to feel valued; develop a sense of self-awareness; develop a stronger self-esteem; value others and equality; respect difference and be aspirational about their future. Staff inspire pupils to strive to be their best selves through an engaging, explorative, creative curriculum focusing on the most relevant current issues. This involves a reflective and responsive approach to the contextualised factors in their wider world that impact on their progress including school, home, neighbourhood and online. Successful progression in learning is only possible for pupils with SEMHD through effective collaboration and consistent communication with Parents/ Carers, school and other relevant stakeholders.


Victoria Drive is a place where we make a difference.

We understand and empathise.

We challenge.

We have high academic aspirations.

We advocate.

We offer a safe space.

We are role models.

We listen  to children so that their voice is heard. 


Victoria Drive PRU is a calm, nurturing and therapeutic school that works collaboratively to support schools and parents to understand the individual needs of the child. It is important that each child reaches their full potential by developing a positive learning journey often after a series of fractured learning experiences. We are committed to advocating for the child in a non- judgemental way making sure that the child is safe and free from discrimination. We adopt a holistic approach through early interventions to prevent exclusions. We remain honest throughout the process to support schools, families, multi-agency teams to be forward thinking, solution focussed and positive. We celebrate our successes and encourage referrals to Victoria Drive to build cohesion between school and family.

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Victoria Drive Primary Pupil Referral Unit (PRU)
78 Victoria Drive
SW19 6HR

Contact: Sarah Parmenter

Phone: 020 8780 2360