1. Will he/she miss work at school?
At the moment school is difficult for…… so the richness of learning and opportunities to make social relationships at Victoria Drive far outweigh the couple he/ she will miss at school.

2. How will they get there? Do I have to bring him/her?
We employ a team of guides to provide transport. All our guides are DBS checked. Sometimes parents will need to bring and collect their children as guides are subject to availability.

3. Will my child follows the N.C as they do in school?
Yes, they will learn through a topic based approach, linked to the NC but tailored to their individual learning needs.

4. What if my child refuses to come?
We would never force a child to attend but our staff are highly trained to encourage the child to feel safe to come.

5. How long will my child have to come for?
Usually, a period of two terms but this will depend on how your child responds. There will be termly review meetings.

6. What will you do with my child?
We use a topic based approach that will include the core subjects and the broad curriculum.

7. Will it go against them when they apply to secondary school?
Our support is a good sign for the secondary school as it shows that issues are being addressed and managed.

8. How will I know how they are getting on?
We hold review meetings and phone you regularly.

9. How many children are in the group?
There are up to six pupils in each group with one teacher and one teaching assistant.

10. Do you supply lunches?
Session times are 9.00-15.00. Therefore children can either provide their own lunch or if they are entitled to Free School Meals we can provide a healthy lunch click here for more information.

11. Do you have a school uniform?
No, as children only attend here for one day, they wear their mainstream school uniform.

12. Does my child have to come to the PRU?
Before a parent decides, they often visit the PRU with or without their child.

13. Will my child still attend even if he/she is excluded from school?
This is at the discretion of the group teacher and following discussions at the school. There is also a separate provision for pupil’s that are excluded for more than 6 days.

14. Will my child still attend if he/ she has a special event going on in school?
No, your child will always be encouraged to take part in special events in their school.

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