Returning to PRU after Lock-Down

Pupils at Victoria Drive were asked about their return to PRU after the Lock-Down:- What is your experience of returning to Victoria Drive PRU after lock-down? ‘weird, seeing other people, new pupils. Coming in and that was good.’ - ‘Happy, see your friends.’ - ‘Good...

PRU Remote Packs and Sessions Feedback

TMG He did very well . I love his imagination when he does the calming sequence and goes to a happy place. I think he’s missing a park.​ Thank you for this week's bits T is happy and he said thank you.  Thank you again for the pack, bagels and fruit very much...

What Chestnut Group Have Enjoyed at Victoria Drive PRU

I like going on a trip and I like the Wild Things. I like maths and handwriting. I like everything. OSB I like outdoor learning, making the apple turnover. I like playtime and I like maths and the games that we play here like Bingo. KN

What Hawthorn Group Have Enjoyed at Victoria Drive PRU

I like the work we do, especially Maths and English. Outdoor learning is really fun as well. CL What I love here is all of it, but the most is gardening and playing because they are very fun. I love it here. TM

What Silver Birch Have Enjoyed at Victoria Drive PRU

My Favourite time is lunch time and play time, going on the trip, seeing a frog and stroking a horse called Ted. JJJ My favourite part when I got back in September is seeing my friends again and making new friends, we also do the best lessons it is always fun. CDT I...

What Holly Group Have Enjoyed at Victoria Drive PRU

I have enjoyed the learning, maths is my favourite bit, all of them are my favourite. LC I have enjoyed when we went on our trip last week we were looking at the plaques on the benches. The Pantomime last Christmas, Cooking marshmallows on the fire, and when I first...

Caterpillars made Dream Catchers

This week is Creative Week, and the Caterpillar group made Dream Catchers.     'I made a Sonic Dream Catcher, it is blue as I like Sonic the Hedgehog. by AEP   'Its so I have good dreams, mine is blue and pink, my favorite colours' by JAR   'I used...


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