‘They engage very well with their learning because the stimulating curriculum is tailored to their needs and motivates them to achieve extremely well. You actively promote mainstream approaches to teaching and learning, ensuring that standards and the pace of learning remain consistent to mainstream practice,’ OFSTED 2017.

Every pupil attending Victoria Drive Pupil Referral Unit will be given access to a cross-curricular bespoke learning experience in line with National Curriculum guidelines. We create a stimulating learning environment by linking all subject matter to a core topic that seamlessly flows through the sessions in an immersive environment. All pupils have difficulties accessing the full curriculum in their mainstream school placements and thus, in a small group the teaching can be tailored to their individual needs to help to close their learning gaps.

Pupils are allocated the most suitable group for both their Learning and Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs. Therefore, the groups are a mixture of year groups to ensure that pupils have targeted input with maximum support to reach their full potential. Some pupils require an Early Years Curriculum approach as they struggle to access the National Curriculum and other pupils require the Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2 National Curriculum delivered in an Early Years style due to their personal Special Educational Needs.

All pupils have identified Learning Goals for Reading, Writing and Mathematics that are targeted through direct teaching and learning opportunities (See Attainment and Progress). These areas are frequently reviewed with their mainstream schools and families to ensure that a current picture of areas of development is established. This immersive, individualized learning environment allows the staff members to identify strategies that support each pupil and these can be shared with others to ensure a collaborative approach to learning. Teaching staff from the pupils mainstream schools are invited to visit the pupils at Victoria Drive PRU so that strategies can be shared across both settings.

Some pupils who are not yet ‘ready to learn’ may begin with a nurture style curriculum for a few weeks to develop their confidence, self-esteem and readiness to learn.

If you would like any further information regarding the curriculum that is taught at Victoria Drive please contact Eileen Shannon Headteacher or Hannah Clarkson Deputy Headteacher, on 02087802360.


For more details take a look at our Curriculum Policy

Please take a look at our 2022-2023 Curriculum Map.


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