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Here ‘The pupil and parent surveys illustrate a widespread belief that bullying is dealt with swiftly and effectively. One pupil I spoke to said, ‘Bullying?’ Not here!’ OFSTED 2017

‘It is evident through their personal development lessons that pupils are very well taught about online safety, the risk of radicalisation, sexual orientation, and personal and social responsibility’ OFSTED 2017.

At Victoria Drive, PSHE is a subject that helps pupils to develop their knowledge and skills to be able to keep themselves safe and healthy.

PSHE is embedded through the curriculum with an aim to develop resilience, self-esteem, team working, respect and emotional health. We also aim to tackle barriers to learning, raise aspirations and improve the life chances for pupils with Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties (SEMHDs). Children show how they are feeling by using the feeling display during their sessions. This helps staff understand a child’s emotional state and open dialogue for SEMH.


Autumn 1

Getting on and falling out



-Resolving conflict

– Working together

-Standing up for myself

-Managing the way I am feeling

Autumn 2

Say no to Bullying



-United against bullying

-Understanding the feelings of others

-Valuing and supporting others


Spring 1

Good to be Me



-Knowing myself

-belonging to a community

-Making  wise choices


Spring 2





-Understanding my feelings

-Managing how I express my feelings

-Friendships and other relationships



Summer 1

Going for goals



-Setting goals and planning to meet them

-Making wise choices

-Knowing myself


Summer 2




-Understanding my feelings

-Persistence and resilience

-Evaluation and review

-Setting goals and planning to meet them


At Victoria Drive, PSHE is measured using the ‘Boxall’ profile, whereby pupil’s Social, Emotional and Mental Health Development (SEMH) is assessed by their school at the beginning of their time at Victoria Drive PRU and then re-assessed throughout. This measure becomes a bespoke SEMH target setting strategy for each individual pupil. Individual targets are then reviewed by the network supporting this pupil. Each pupil also has an Individual Care Plan.

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

In every group an Anti-Bullying Ambassador (ABAs) has been chosen to promote the values of the service and fight against bullying. The Ambassadors developed the core principles of what they do here:

What do we do?

We are passionate and committed about stopping bullying in our school and at Victoria Drive PRU.

We know what bullying is and what type of behaviour is and isn’t bullying.

We try to work with other children and staff to stop bullying in our school and at Victoria Drive PRU.

We are kind, empathetic, good listeners and support our peers.

We are planning a special event at Victoria Drive PRU to raise awareness of bullying and promote kindness.

We celebrate the things that make us all special and unique.

We keep everyone up to date with all of the brilliant Anti-Bullying work that Victoria Drive PRU does.

During the autumn term 2021, the ABAs ran a session of anti-bullying in their groups, ‘One kind word..


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