Bad Weather Closure – Please click here to view the Wandsworth Schools Closure Policy

It may be necessary to close the PRU for a variety of reasons including:
• Severe weather including snow, flooding or storms;
• Disruption to transport, for example fuel shortages;
• Accommodation problems such as loss of power supply, heating failure, vandalism or fire
• Infectious sickness/disease.
The PRU will endeavor to remain open wherever possible. These guidelines have been created to
provide advice in the event that the school is unable to operate due to unforeseen circumstances.
PRU closure
The decision to close the PRU will normally rest with the Headteacher and in her absence the
Deputy Headteacher.
The decision should wherever possible be made before 7:00 am on the basis of information
received from sources such as the Met Office or utility suppliers, and supplemented by on the spot
observation from staff best placed to make such observation such as the Premises Officer.
Factors involved in reaching the decision to close the PRU are likely to include:
• Access to the PRU i.e. road conditions (snow, ice, obstructions etc);
• Breakdown of essential services (heating, electrical, water etc).
During the day closure

If it becomes evident that it is necessary to close the PRU during the day for example, if the weather is deteriorating, the PRU needs to ensure that children are collected or guided home from PRU as soon as possible.

A decision will be made by the Senior Leadership Team by 7am and we will then contact you as soon as possible.

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